Grays Divide

Decatur, IL

Years Played at The Revival

2017 - 2016

What does 'gRAYS dIVIDE' Mean?

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The name Grays Divide is a reference to the combining of the light and dark that we see and experience in life--the good and evil in the world--the positive and negative that takes place every day and how overall life and humanity alike is very "Gray" so to speak. It also refers to recognizing the need to keep these elements divided at times--recognizing good and evil for what they are and yet never leaning too far to either side, but towing a good line between the two. In general, every person has those good and humane tendencies, but they also have those heinous and primal tendencies as well and it's about embracing a unique balance of both.
The BEST PARTY you've NEVER heard of
8th Annual Friends & Family Reunion! One pass includes unlimited food, unlimited good old fashioned kegged beer, camping, and one hell of a party!
Always the weekend AFTER Labor Day!
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