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Whats A Family Without A Story

The Revival is a living breathing tribute to Bob Gordon the founder of Mugwump, Bob and his wife celebrated Mugwump from 1969 till Bobs passing in 2011. The founders of The Revival believe in strong self-reliance, which leads to strong community, which leads to one hell of a party. Since 2010, The Revival family has grown to include people from all walks of life, religions and races; all coming together for 3 days of live music, camping, food, and good old-fashioned kegged beer. We take care of each other and help as much as we can, whether its giving a bed and a shower to your favorite touring band or a coat to a homeless person, we are Revivalist!

See you at The Revival, we'll save a beer for you!

the story of space camp

It all started in 2003 a

small group of us were invited to this party, we had no idea
that party would change our lives. So the next year we gathered all

our friends and headed out to Mugwump, on our second night there

we had a run in with some , well lets call them mushrooms. As we

sat there around a fire, a random Mugwumper came up to us and

saw us on an i pod which at the time was new, and asked us and I quote "Are you trying to get laid on the internet?" we said nothing at first then he yelled out "look at these guys they are trying to get laid on the inter-net!" Well after this we all slowly looked up at him from our Pink Floyd like haze and upon seeing our eyes stopped his yelling and simply said" its space camp", as the years went on, the name stuck and we grew in numbers. After Bobs passing Space Camp lived on as founders of The Revival.......

The BEST PARTY you've NEVER heard of
8th Annual Friends & Family Reunion! One pass includes unlimited food, unlimited good old fashioned kegged beer, camping, and one hell of a party!
Always the weekend AFTER Labor Day!
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