Torn Between

Janesville, WI

Years Played at The Revival


What does 'Torn Between' Mean?

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Torn Between came from all of us being best friends and wanting to play in a group together but conditions weren't rite because we were all I'm other committed groups so we were torn between playing together and doing what we've wanted to all these years and staying with our current groups that we also enjoyed lol. Corny I know.
But we needed a name and Andy our bass player blurted it out and explained it to us and we were like yep that's it. The ones we came up with prior were horribly bad lol
It's not really just about our situation that decided it tho. It's about being torn between what you're supposed to do or feel like is what your supposed to do and doing what you really want to do or feel in your bones you should do. Torn Between the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart and soul
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